Peace time and update

It’s Sunday here in the Western Hemisphere and that means it’s time to find a minimum of 10 minutes to pray for peace.  Or chant.  Or do whatever practice feels like it would contribute to peace within or without.  If you’re already beyond Sunday, hope you found that oasis of peace.

I’ve been feeling pulled back to my Yoga Nidra practice so my plan is to do the long version and a bit of chanting Om Shanti.  My general suggestion has been to say the lovingkindness chant for earth; you can check out the Collective Prayer Sundays page for the chant and a recording that lets you say it along with me.  But my feeling is whatever you do in the spirit of peace adds to the ripple of peace around the world.

Update on the big healing this week.  I have a cranio-sacral appointment on Monday so on Friday I wanted to start doing lots of my Robert Masters/yoga work.  There’s a set of release movements for spine that I love but haven’t done too often since I quit teaching.  I added that to my practice and was astonished to realize my spine had SO MUCH more movement than it’s ever had before.  Right from the beginning.  Even the times I taught a two-day workshop and did that spine work several times with my students, my spine never exhibited the flexibility and freedom of movement it had from the moment I started the exercise.

That little-girl-me who longs for “proof” got a big kick out of this one! I can feel it when I walk.  I’ve already been aware for a long time of much greater flow in my movement thanks to the Masters/yoga work but this one shift has moved it up a few notches.

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