Imprints gone and more

Kat Atkin dancing in Philly

Kat Atkin dancing in Philly

My session yesterday with Osunnike was amazing.  Three hours flew by so quickly I expected, when I returned to my car, to see that we finished early and was surprised to discover we used the whole time.

The first part of the session involved her reading me and asking questions to establish the focus for the healing portion.  She “saw” the imprints of past lives as a shaman/seer/witch, etc. and several areas in which the imprints affected my life, confirming the information I got in my Akashic record reading.  Her intuitive ability is spot on and impressed me throughout the appointment.

Her energy and the energy in the house are huge; I felt my kundalini being nudged into overdrive just sitting in the living room while she prepared the healing room.  Her energy along with sound and chanting in the healing portion was powerful and SO effective.  By the end she felt all the imprints had been cleared (at least all that we were addressing).

I left feeling that something major had shifted.  I’m sure it will take a while for all the ramifications of the healing to be seen.  But this morning I felt like five-year-old me.  On my fifth birthday I leapt from bed, ran to the bathroom and jumped on the scale, shouting for my parents to come see if I’d gotten bigger–convinced that if growing older and getting “big” were somehow connected, I should be larger on the day I became older.  Although I know better now, I sometimes realize that hopeful little girl is still in there, half-expecting miraculous, visible and measurable change.

In reality, I got up to a day that looked much as my days have for a long time.  And the headache that started during the appointment when she worked on my head and has continued intermittently ever since.  I haven’t caught up on sleep but I’ve felt more energy today than the norm for the last couple of decades.  A positive sense that I have indeed dropped that rope and quit hauling the mountain along accompanied by feeling freer and lighter.

The biggest piece moved somewhere around the level of thymus–at Nine Gates we called it “High Heart”.  Sadly it did not complete the process in my head although it opened more and she indicated there’s not much left there.  I have another cranio-sacral appointment next week and we both sensed that it will be easier to align everything.

Late in the session we hit a piece about being smothered or strangled at some point (unknown whether it’s a past or present life experience) which I’ve encountered many times before and this time it finally cleared.  By the end energy flowed through my body more freely than I can ever remember–I especially noted huge energy in my legs.  Between the twist in my left leg and many muscle issues, I don’t know that I’ve ever felt a full flow of energy down my legs and into my feet before.

I’m sure I’ll be integrating this for some time to come.  She also felt there are a couple of issues to keep working on (aren’t there always? 🙂 ) so I may do more work with her somewhere down the line.  I feel like I made it out of a tunnel, but other than feeling a sense of shift, I can’t really describe specifically what has changed.  Time will tell.  Today I’m just grateful for feeling a major healing has taken place.  Once the muscle thing calms down and I’ve gotten some rest I feel like I can get back into the world and do great things.


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