Past lives and ancestors and mountains, oh my

Bouguereau, High Priestess

Since my last cranio-sacral appointment I’ve been a bit dazed.  After the session she told me about a vision she had as she worked — a powerful witch speaking in tongues while a friend of hers, a priestess/healer, watched nearby.  She felt that I was the witch and it was the same witch we encountered before (see here).

I felt it might be a little different story as I sensed a past life connection farther back than the ancestor and said I’d ask about it in meditation.  Then the yanking and not sleeping went off again. I have a hard time focusing well enough to meditate when I’m sleep deprived so I kept putting it off.  My appointment with the priestess/healer is tomorrow morning so I wanted to have a sense about this; fortunately I’ve had a few nights of sleep so yesterday I was able to focus.

Decided to use the Akashic Records so I opened the records (technique learned through a friend trained by this outfit) and asked for more information.  Amazing session.  Essentially we were both right.  The witch was me.  But in a past life farther back than the ancestor witch.  The Record Keepers reminded me that over the years during workshops and meditation, etc., I’ve touched on several past lives in which I was a Shaman or Seer who wound up tortured and/or killed over their predictions or their work.

The ancestor witch who shut down “Seeing” for my maternal lineage just added a layer of shutting down to the experience of many past lives that it’s dangerous to be a witch or a seer.  I felt like slapping my forehead and asking why I didn’t see the connection before.  So much makes sense with those pieces put together.

For the 30 years I’ve spent on this path I’ve always progressed, always worked hard at moving forward, but every step has felt like I’m holding a rope wrapped around a mountain and dragging the mountain along behind.  I feel like I’ve finally seen and recognized the mountain and now I can let go of the rope.

I’m excited to experience the appointment in the morning and this new practitioner who–sort of–showed up in my cranio-sacral session.  Prepared to find the story turns out to be something different.  But at this moment I feel like I’ve touched into a story that’s been written in my soul’s path and it’s time to take back an essence that’s been lost for generations and lifetimes.

11 thoughts on “Past lives and ancestors and mountains, oh my

  1. I resonate very much with this. I know I’ve been a witch, a seer, a prophet, several times, and learned that it never ends well! It’s taken all my life to gradually learn to be brave enough to speak my truth.

    • I imagine there are a bunch of us wounded witches, etc. who’ve come back this time to get to a better ending. Same for me on speaking my truth… Maybe we’ll discover one day that in some past life we were in the same coven or served the same temple.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that you could see these connections.
    Wow. That sounds exciting. I don’t have much experience with past-life regression yet.
    But , I do wish I would have Akashic record access. Thanks for sharing the link about that.

  3. Thank you for such an insightful and interesting story. I am excited for you. Do not beat yourself up about not seeing the connection before. Often I get part of a story and stop there without looking for and noticing more puzzle pieces. I really hope this experience will accelerate your healing. So many healer women carry so much trauma and baggage and many are represented here at WP. The akashic process sounds so intriguing.

    Blessings to you Leigh!

    xoxoxo LInda

    • It was an amazing session. When I’ve integrated a bit more I’ll post about it.
      I’ve been particularly grateful here at WP to find others who didn’t just stumble into metaphysics and seemingly flip a switch to positive thinking but instead, like me, have had a long journey… hugs, Leigh

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