J2P Monday: The Women


PazEs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a new month and–albeit slightly late–the first Monday, so it’s time for a new challenge.  This month I’d like to focus on the role of women in achieving a peaceful world.  It’s said that educating women is key.

Here are some discussions about the positive benefits of educating women:

From a spiritual side, it is also said that it is the energy of the Feminine that can help lead us to peace.  http://www.barbaramayerbeyondreligion.com/Rising-Feminine-Energy.html

This month I invite you to explore the role of women in creating peace.  Whether you want to emphasize studies that show the impact of educating women or delve into an exploration of the Divine Feminine, write one or more posts this month discussing the role of women in achieving peace on earth.

Don’t forget to add this link: https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/j2p-monday-the-women/ (so I get a pingback and others can see it in the comments list) and tag it with J2PChallenge and Journey2Peace.

4 thoughts on “J2P Monday: The Women

  1. Hi Leigh: Now to the point I can’t speak for them but what if you approach the the three women central to my life (of course you’re important too) on Facebook (Kim Oliver, Kendra Oliver & Briana Oliver ) to join your “”Women For Peace”” If you need more contact info just let me know . Peace. Mike

    • Well, it isn’t really a movement, just a challenge to write blog posts. If they don’t have blogs I’d be happy to put up whatever they want to write as a guest post(s) on my blog. Perhaps you can use the Facebook share button to send them this post with the challenge? They can e-mail their posts to me with a short bio and I’ll put them up as they arrive.

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