Judgment and visions; time for a new vision board

Earlier today I watched a recording of Super Soul Sunday in which Oprah interviewed Cynthia Bond about her book, Ruby.  I enjoyed the interview though I’ve been more inspired by others; partly because I haven’t read the book.  But throughout the interview Ms. Bond made references to things she’s put on her vision board –apparently long ago– that have come true.

Every time she named something I either thought, “Why don’t I have that on my vision board?” or jumped to something similar among my dreams that hasn’t landed on any of my boards.  Last fall I realized I’ve had a lot of dreams I tried to suppress because they didn’t feel “right” or spiritual enough.

As I contemplated the missing pieces of my vision boards, I realized there’s more to the issue than I initially saw.  That I have a lot of visions about what I’d like my life to look like and I suppress many things because I’m judging them as not worthy or immodest or…  Suddenly I knew I wanted to create a new board that has all the things on it I’ve ignored.

One of my issues about the dreams running regularly through my head is that none of them involve how to make a living though many require plenty of income–or a LOT of free stuff falling in my lap.  In a flash I knew I wanted to own those dreams anyway.  I’ve started gathering pictures for the new board I’m conceiving.  A board that reflects the dreams looping through my head for some years now.

The Universe knows how to provide whatever is needed to bring those dreams to fruition.  I want to let go of the judgments and assumptions about what has to come first or what’s okay to want and just make the board that really shows my dreams.  And trust that I will feel the tap on the shoulder when the plans, paths, means arrive and show me the next step.  Which could be realizing I have yet another, completely different dream.

I’m so grateful for Super Soul Sunday and the many ways it leads me to contemplate and find deeper truths.

6 thoughts on “Judgment and visions; time for a new vision board

  1. I so needed this post from you this morning! I will create time for myself for my own vision board. I, too, see that I have dreams that do not make me money. And so I don’t give those dreams the chance that they deserve. Thank you for inspiring me to dream anyway!!

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