J2P Monday: Getting the details

English: The gazebo at Lincoln Park in , built...

The gazebo at Lincoln Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This week I’m adding a piece to last week’s challenge, both of which are just meant to give you ideas for posts for this month’s challenge to write one or more posts about “Peace Out There”.


  • Write an affirmation about the project or policy you think would promote peace in the world.
  • Every day for five days say the lovingkindness chant* or meditate for 30 minutes
  • After you meditate, repeat your affirmation three times
  • On the sixth day, say the chant or meditate  for 30 minutes, then do this meditation:  see yourself walking through a forest.  Note the scents and sights.  As you stroll see the entrance to a cave tunnel.  Walk through the tunnel and find yourself in a garden with a gazebo.  Enter the gazebo and see some comfortable chairs and an elevator.  As you sit, the elevator doors open and a group of guides/counselors enter the gazebo and sit in the other chairs.  Ask them what the best plan would be to carry out the program or policy to create peace.
  • Open your eyes and take notes on the plan.  If you also created plans the first two weeks, compare them

Don’t forget to add this link: https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/j2p-monday-new-challenge-is-peace-out-there/ (so I get a pingback and others can see it in the comments list) and tag it with J2PChallenge and Journey2Peace.  If anyone who doesn’t have a blog would like to write a post for the challenge, get in touch and I’ll put it up as a guest post.


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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