J2P Monday: an exercise to help with this month’s challenge


Peace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The challenge this month is to write one or more posts about what you think needs to be done to create peace in terms of the outer world.  A change of government?  A specific need that must be addressed?  A social program that should be implemented?

This is the first of a couple of exercises I’m going to toss out on Mondays this month to give you some post ideas:

1.  Think about the area you feel needs to be addressed in order to move the world toward peace.  If you already have a plan in mind, jot an outline of it quickly and off the top of your head.  Otherwise, see what plan comes to you just in thinking about it briefly.  Jot that down.

2.  Say the lovingkindness chant for 20-30 minutes:  I am filled with lovingkindness, I am well, I am peaceful and at ease, I am happy

3.  Go inward after chanting and sit in stillness with your mind clear for a few minutes.

4.  While in that place of stillness ask your higher self to show you the best way to accomplish your goal re: peace.

5.  When you have your answer, open your eyes and, without thinking about it or changing it, jot it down.  Is it any different from your first answer?  What has changed?

Don’t forget to add this link: https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/j2p-monday-new-challenge-is-peace-out-there/ (so I get a pingback and others can see it in the comments list) and tag it with J2PChallenge and Journey2Peace

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