Too much to wrap my head around…

Had trouble deciding which blog to post this on and after I chose Scribblings I thought maybe it should have been this one…

Scribblings from the Bluegrass

Since last weekend I’ve been reeling over a story that hits a bit closer to home than anything like this ever has.

It starts back in the 80’s when my aunt Mary Jane (aka Wicked Bitch) finally married at 62.  Fred was the perfect match for a wicked bitch.  He had two daughters, one who fit perfectly with the wicked duo and one, Sarah, who was the kind of person you liked the minute she walked in.  Sweet and nice and you wondered how she got that way.  I didn’t live here then and only saw the daughters a few times.

Last weekend, we finally got a bunch of newspapers after some days when delivery was impossible.  As she looked through them my mother suddenly called out, “Fred’s daughter Sarah and her husband and two children are all dead.”  Four obits with, as usual, no information about cause of death.

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2 thoughts on “Too much to wrap my head around…

  1. tears are being cried and prayers have been sent. We are all ONE and we are all connected in love and obstacles to love. That story could be about any one of our family’s or our own.
    I often am frustrated by the lack of answers in regards to the need for suffering. The answers at hand do not comfort me. Yet, I trust that the larger plan is a loving one.


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