Healing Journey update–woo hoo

The unwinding of the muscles in my face and head the last few months has been pretty relentless.  Finally reached a point where I both had some money put aside and felt enough had opened that a craniosacral treatment or three could help finish the process.  So, with delight, I made another appointment with Robyn.

Managed to do more yoga and triggers of release in the days before the appointment than I have been of late so I arrived fairly open and having opened and adjusted a lot of the surface stuff.

For those who are newer to this blog, my last venture with Robyn, in August and September, 2013, we dealt with an ancestral witch’s curse that held these patterns stuck.  Robyn felt dealing with it was for me to do and I created a ceremony and performed it a couple of times to release the hold of the curse.  Later I embarked on a forgiveness project and began with the witch.

In recent months I’ve felt free of the witch and her curse.  At the end of the appointment, Robyn agreed, saying that this time nothing felt rooted any more.  As soon as she started, releases began.  All the way up things kept moving into place.  “Something is being completed,” was her comment.  Even though I’d felt completion on the horizon, it was SO nice to have it confirmed by a talented practitioner whose intuition is highly tuned.

Her work created enough opening that the muscles in my face are going nuts… and I’m so happy to follow along!  Woo hoo!

Unwinding Head Saga

The Witch is Back

The Shaman, The Witch and the Ancestors

Ceremony Breakdown: My Chants




7 thoughts on “Healing Journey update–woo hoo

  1. Congratulations! That is wonderful to read. Thanks for posting the links to the former parts of the healing journey. That gave me a chance to catch up.
    What an amazing story!

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