J2P Monday: What blocks your peace?

Note: This month the only post–aside from mine–for the challenge came from Louise at Dare Boldly.  Click here to read it.  If anyone else posted you forgot to add the tags and/or to link to the challenge post.  I’ll continue to post challenges for the next couple of months in the interest of continuing the peace blogging community formed around Bloggers4Peace.  If participation doesn’t go up I’ll stop the challenges. 

You could probably tell from my challenge last month, I believe that peace begins within.  When I teach my Journey2Peace classes, I begin by asking everyone to look inward and find what is inside them that blocks or challenges Being Peace.

Few of us escape childhood without issues and buried memories that influence us until they’re brought to light and released.  If you have anything that triggers fear or anger regularly (or constantly), anything that keeps you complaining to unhappy, something within you is not in peace.  Everything within that isn’t peace will block you from holding a space of peace.  In the great web of all life, everything that isn’t peace contributes to the lack of peace in the world.

This month’s challenge:

  • This week, observe your behaviors and reactions and note what makes you angry or fearful or whiny and how often it happens; even if you think you already know, try it out and see if anything new shows up
  • Then, in meditation ask to be shown the origin of that fear or anger or discontent; when did it begin?  what do you still believe that maintains it?  was there an incident or something someone said to you that settled the fear or anger within you?
  • Write a post or series of posts exploring what blocks you from peace and how it started
  • Include a link to this post and don’t forget to add the tags Journey2Peace and J2PChallenge

That’s it!  Have fun.  To see what’s been posted come back and look for pingbacks in the comments below or search on the tags Journey2Peace and J2PChallenge.

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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