J2P Monday: Still time for the challenge + Centering Exercise


This is the last week to write a post for the J2P Challenge this month.  The challenge is: where do you believe peace begins?  Outside of you or within you?  With governments or within hearts?  This challenge will run through February 1.  If you want to participate, write a post that explores these questions, post it on your blog with a link to this post (https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/j2p-monday-where-peace-begins/ ) and with the tags: J2PChallenge and Journey2Peace.

I’ve stumbled into a few posts that seemed to answer the challenge but did not link to the challenge post nor put the tags on.  If you want to help build a community of peace bloggers and make it easy for others to find the posts, please add the link (https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/j2p-monday-where-peace-begins/ ) and the J2P Challenge and Journey2Peace tags.


For me one of the challenges to being peaceful comes from feeling pulled and tugged off my center by other people and by external energy.  Sometimes I use this centering technique to bring myself back.

Sit in a comfortable position, eyes closed.  Imagine that you are sitting on a pedestal/column.  The pedestal can be made out of whatever you wish and may be as short or tall as you wish.  It is firmly rooted into the ground.

Take a few deep, slow, full breaths.  Imagine that your energy is leaning to the left.   If you can’t imagine the feeling of the energy leaning left, physically lean very slightly to the left (and use the physical movement for every direction).  Then bring it back to the center.  Imagine your energy is leaning a little to the right and bring it back to center.  Imagine your energy is leaning backwards and bring it back to the center.  Imagine your energy is leaning slightly forward and bring it back to center.

Say to yourself, “I am now balanced and centered” and note how you feel with your energy pulled in from every direction, holding center.  Take a few more breaths while drinking in that feeling.  Whenever you feel pulled off center through the day, remember the feeling of being centered.

This lovely exercise takes very little time and has an amazing impact.  It was originally taught to me as an entry point for meditation but I have used it in many circumstances.  If you can feel the energy without physically moving*, this is something you can do anywhere as long as circumstances allow closing your eyes.  Staying centered helps so much with serenity.

May you be filled with lovingkindness and peace.


* that ability often develops pretty quickly if you start out actually moving; you learn the feeling and then you can imagine


5 thoughts on “J2P Monday: Still time for the challenge + Centering Exercise

  1. peaqce is scurity and sustenance in a collaboritve culture and I think I just described a tribe that is unfortunate since it will probably take an extraterestial to shatter human tribalism the source of war

  2. I like your exercise. It’s fast and simple, and works very well! I’m going to add this to my practices. This year, I have been repeating the mantra I am here now, and that has been having a surprising influence on my ability to stay centered and peaceful. Perhaps, I will write a post about that to become part of your J2P challenge.

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