5 Tips to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Wonderful advice–make sure to click through to read her whole post


2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

  1. Leigh at first I thought you had written this (you had not right?) and was concerned about the alleged trauma alluded to in the article but still concerned about the original writer. Metaphysics always brings out the my inner Neanderthal ( apologies to actual Neanderthals rather I’m the mid century American version) but there is hope for me as loved the art particularly “breathe” and the idea of giving up perfection as I am perfectly comfortable with that! (smile)

    • Yes. The hard thing about reblogging and Facebook is that somehow the fact that I’ve reblogged isn’t clear there. I’m not sure what the trauma was as this isn’t someone I read all the time — and a lot of people like to be mysterious about the facts… If you like the “breathe” thing, here’s a cool thing: just read a study in which they found that if people just stop and take a few long slow breaths several times a day it changes their whole rhythm for the better including better sleep patterns.

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