Vision Board–sort of–and Peace Time

Vision Board 2015

A group of us met this afternoon to work on vision boards.  The friend who facilitated adds the notion of using the bagua (feng shui).

I’m still in that drifty space where I’m not sure what’s next and don’t want to limit what may come by holding a specific vision, so I mostly chose pictures of things I like, some of which involve places I’d like to go or things I’d like to do.  Not as focused a vision as previous boards.

When we used the bagua a couple of years ago, I found the idea intriguing but felt it made the process cumbersome.  This time I put a few things in the general area that fit the energy sectors; mainly I went free form.

Mostly it was fun to get out and see a few people after quite a long spell of struggling with the unwinding head stuff and not making most events.

BTW, as of today, the vision in my left eye has finally improved!  Still way off from the strides my right eye has made (they used to be close to the same), but I’m thrilled that the unwinding in that tightest area has finally progressed enough to “see” a difference.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to chant or pray or meditate for peace.  It’s Collective Prayer Sunday.

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