J2P Monday: Thoughts on where peace begins

Peace One Day

Peace One Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted the first challenge for Journey to Peace last Monday, inviting you to write posts about where you believe peace begins (click link for more info on the challenge.  You have until the first Monday in February to write a post that contains a link to the challenge and the tags “J2PChallenge” and “Journey2Peace”.

My belief is that the only place we can influence peace is within our own hearts.  Since we’re all one, every time one of us finds greater peace, the totality of us moves a bit closer to peace.

Most of my teaching and writing is about ideas and practices that help bring inner peace.  We’ll explore nuances of finding inner peace in the next series of challenges.

While I’ll always post what my beliefs are, I welcome posts that take a different view.  Just keep it nice 🙂

If everyone who posts remembers to link to the challenge, you should be able to catch all the posts by checking in on the first Monday posts each month.


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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