Thankful Thursday: gluten free eating

I have a sensitivity/allergy to wheat, which makes lots of restaurant menus tough to negotiate.  When I first got taken off wheat, there were basically no substitutes.  No spelt pasta, no quinoa tortillas, no gluten-free this and that.

Even after I could buy substitutes for cooking at home, restaurants were a nightmare.  Often my only choices were a salad stripped of most of its contents (can’t have dairy either) or a leathery piece of chicken with some tasteless vegetables on the side.

Things have been improving for a while.  The Atkin diet brought lots of choices that work for me.  And in the last year or so, increasing numbers of restaurants have gluten-free options.  Even though I can have the gluten in other grains, those grains are rarely used; gluten-free at least means wheat-free.

So when Puccini’s Smiling Teeth started advertising a gluten-free menu I really perked up. Italian food is my fave but I’ve had to make my own for a long time.  Sunday night found me happily scarfing down gluten-free spaghetti with meatballs and I could even have garlic bread!

After years of eating spaghetti only if I made it or if I decided to suffer the consequences and eat the wheat, I felt so thankful, sitting there with my wheat-free Italian meal!

[As usual, it never occurred to me to take a picture so, sadly, the photo above isn’t a picture of my dinner… probably not gluten-free either.

For Thankful Thursday.

6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: gluten free eating

  1. Yes! My body is SO much happier since going gluten free! Luckily, my geographical area makes it easier to do that than in other locales. I’m grateful too.

    • Lucky to be in a spot where it’s easy. It’s kind of surprising how much is available here. When I first moved to KY outside of a small co-op health food was pretty scarce. Now I actually have an easier time here than when I house sit in Marin Co., both in terms of restaurants and what I can buy at the grocery….

  2. as much as I love food, never had the inclination to photograph it 🙂 I am happy for you and I get it. Having become lactose intolerant a few years ago, many options were “off the table.” Still cannot find a decent ice cream substitute. It is cool when the “world” begins to offer options in a variety of ways. Enjoy enjoy enjoy 😉

    • On yes, the no dairy thing in restaurants is tough. I feel for you. Fortunately I like the Soy Delicious chocolate peanut butter stuff and a few of the Rice Dream bar type things. I’ve also widened my home made dessert horizons exponentially since I can substitute ingredients…

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