Weekly Small Pleasures: Thanks for no wilderness adventure

This was one of those posts about which I wavered over where to post, so figured I’d hit both blogs

Scribblings from the Bluegrass

Earlier in the week I posted on the Not Just Sassy blog about my long healing journey. Then a few days later I watched an old Super Soul Sunday I'd picked up, in which Oprah interviewed Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild*.

Her story is amazing and I was really impressed.  But as she talked about the journey and her feeling that everyone needs to do that, I found myself thinking, “No, no, no.”  I hate camping.  I like a nice hike of an hour or two and then I want to go back to plumbing and electricity.  While I don’t doubt that I could learn things from such a journey, I just don’t wanna.

When I lived in the Pacific Northwest several friends who were sure I’d love it if I just experienced it–if I’d tried it and not liked it, apparently I just hadn’t…

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