J2P Monday: Know who they are

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Every year at this time I've posted a few items about using spiritual principles to navigate the stresses of the holidays.  Instead of reposting this one again on the teaching, "People are who they are and they do what they do," I thought I'd give it a fresh approach.  I believe that if everyone in the world learned this one and lived by it, peace would soon follow.

The greatest source of disappointment, frustration, and anger toward others arises from having your own agenda/expectations about who you want them to be and how you want them to act/what you want them to do..The deep reality is that people are who they are and they are going to do what they do based on who they are.  You can wish or will others to be somebody else as much you want.  You may even occasionally manipulate someone into doing something that’s not what they want.  But in the long run no one can be anyone other than who they are.

Your best defense, if you want to avoid being disappointed or upset by others, is to know them well enough to know who they are.  Know what they do.  Expect them to be who they are and do what they do.  You’ll never be surprised by anyone’s behavior if you really know them.

And then realize who they are and what they do isn’t about you.  Pretty much ever; even when someone attacks you, the attack has everything to do with who they are and nothing to do with you.  So Don Miguel Ruiz’s advice, “Don’t take anything personally”, fits very well with this teaching.  People are busy being who they are and doing what they do and none of it has anything to do with you.  So don’t take it personally.

Is Aunt Murgatroyd going to tell unfunny jokes at the annual gathering, as always?  Of course she is.  It’s who she is and what she does.  Is your cousin Snagglepuss going to bore everyone AGAIN with stories of his really boring job?  You bet.  Who he is, what he does.  Is your overly protective dad going to criticize you like he always does?  If his way of showing care is to fret and pick apart anything that doesn’t fit his view, then yup.  Gonna do it.  If he’s an unhappy guy who criticizes to express his dissatisfaction with the world, that’s who he is…  gotta figure he’s gonna do it.

If you expect anyone to do anything other than what s/he does, you’re doomed to disappointment.  When you can walk in knowing they’ll all be there being themselves and doing what they do, you’ll get what you knew you would.  Know that nothing they do is about hurting, irritating, upsetting or disappointing you.  They’re just being themselves.

The question we’ll explore in the next J2P post is:  can you love them anyway?


8 thoughts on “J2P Monday: Know who they are

  1. My answer to next post’s question is ‘yes’. To me, love is not how we feel, it’s what we do; so even if we dislike someone, we can still love them, by choosing the right thoughts and actions. You are so right in this post (at least, I strongly agree with you) what people do is not about me, what I do is about me. I needed this reminder just about now, so thanks very much for your wise words. ~ Linne

  2. Holding our expectations of others…of life itself…is a great tool for experiencing more inner peace. It’s not always easy, but always worth it. Good post to remind me. 🙂

  3. You got that right Leigh. People always show us who they are but do we pay attention? I am closer to living this truth, but once and awhile I still wish that someone or something outside of me will change instead of me. Another quick point I’d like to make is that if you get a sense or intuition about someone that you just met or don’t know well, chances are high that you are reading that person correctly. I often get disappointed because I did not want to believe what I knew to be true.

    Very excited about your post tomorrow and I see you have plenty to teach me 🙂


    • Oh, yes, I know that intuitive situation well — particularly in romances I used to ignore the intuition and then wind up facing exactly what I knew the first day… Have the post scheduled to go up at 6 am EST!

  4. Just absolutely exactly what I needed to hear – as I have been struggling for some months now with one specific person in my life! I know all of the things that you wrote about, but I haven’t been able to put it into practice. Telling it all to myself was not working. I needed to see it in writing and “hear” it form someone else. THANK YOU! Can’t wait for the next post! xoxo

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