Let me be the ripple

Louise hits it out of the park again — this could be my prayer — don’t think I’d write it as eloquently…

Dare boldly

Not writing here every day has been a gift and an awakening. It has given me the opportunity to gain some awareness on the value and importance of ‘consistency’ and a chance to reflect on why I write and create, and the importance of doing it every day.


As I reflected on the value of consistency, my thoughts centered around the importance of knowing ‘the what’ of what it is I want to be through everything I do, create and say everyday…

What I want to be each day is inspiring, caring, kind, and loving.

I want to create more of what I value in the world — peace, love, harmony and joy.

I want to give the grace I wish to receive.

I want to be the ripple that inspires a tsunami of love all around.

Reflecting on those things I want to create in the world around me, I…

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2 thoughts on “Let me be the ripple

  1. Eloquently and beautifully stated, Louise. It reminds me of Neale Donald Walsch’s teaching that to live a good life we must know that we have a soul and that that soul has an agenda, then to know what that agenda is, and finally to use that knowledge as the measuring stick of all we do and say. Looks like that is exactly what you are doing, Louise, Kudos!

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