J2P Monday: Calming Energy



Today’s suggestion combines with the breathing exercise I gave last week.  The simple addition of your hands adds a layer of  centering and calming largely by redirecting your energy.


I learned this little healing practice during a portion of Nine Gates in which we studied Breema. For this one all you need to do is place one of your hands on your heart and your other hand on second chakra, covering the area from approximately 2″ below your navel to your navel, while you practice deep breathing.


While still an attorney I figured out that I could partially do this even sitting in a hearing room.  I wrote all the motions and briefs for my office and I was perfectly happy tucked away with a stack of law books and my legal pad.  My boss wanted me to be more rounded so I got assigned to do hearings occasionally and I was terrified — and really bad at it, which added to the angst.

I had already realized that I could use deep breathing in the midst of a hearing to attain greater calmness  Then one day it occurred to me that no one could see a hand hovering over second chakra while I remained seated at the counsel table.  In that circumstance (terrified), if you can only cover one chakra, second is a pretty good not only because it’s not unusual for people to place a hand there, but also because it draws energy down.

When you’re freaked out there’s a tendency for your energy to move up into your head.  Energy flows where attention goes, so the small attention that your hand provides draws energy to second chakra.  That starts a flow that gets the energy unstuck from your head and moving.

If you’re in a place where you can put one hand on heart and one on second while deep breathing, you can restore much more balance and calm.  By covering two places you start a flow of energy between them.  Second chakra is the center of vital force energy and fourth chakra is the place of loving heart.  When you focus on both so energy moves between them you move into your power with heart.

I’ve used this practice a lot over the years to hold a calm, centered place.  It’s a great practice for going to sleep peacefully.  It’s amazing how great an effect this little practice has on your sense of well-being.  You can shift away from fright, anger, unhappiness or enhance an already good feeling just by placing your hands on fourth and second chakras.

Regular practice will help you create a new pattern of staying centered and calm.

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