Thanksgiving trumps blogging?

Thanksgiving oven

Thanksgiving oven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Started working on Thanksgiving today-- a day later than normal and without all the groceries picked up.  Grocery shopping and major cooking all in the same day is a bit much for my stamina.  So, the best I can do for today's entry in NaBloPoMo is to say I'm now too tired to write.

For once, I have remembered to take pictures as I go along so there will be posts on the Scribblings blog about the menu.

It’s the big problem for me with these November daily writing things.  I make a big deal out of Thanksgiving and the planning, shopping and cooking goes on for a couple of weeks.  I mete it out to suit my health issues and I love to do it — but there’s not a lot left of me for anything else.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving trumps blogging?

  1. it is what I learned in the Artist and the Monk course this past few months Leigh — To live in peace and harmony, to be free of expectations, to allow my creative core room to give full expression to my heart’s calling, I must give myself space to ebb and flow with the world around me – with grace and ease.

    We do what we must do and in the process, must take care of ourselves first so we can take care of others.

    Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend.

    • Every time you mention it that sounds like a great course. I’m on their mailing list though I often am in “get rid of all those e-mails mode” and delete; I’ll watch for this class to come around again. Thanks! PS So glad you’re taking time for yourself but I do miss you. Always love your posts.

  2. i have a drafts folder for blog posts, sometimes it’s just a title, sometimes it’s the first two sentences. I keep a few there and when NaBloPoMo started I had like 7 or 8 blog posts ready to expand and go. That left me available to write on days when I had the time and stack up a couple in advance. Right now I have zero in my drafts and the next three days of blog posts ready to go. Think of NaBloPoMo as Thanksgiving 0 you gotta do the prep work. I too started cooking today. Good luck with both.

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