Nano Poblano… gulp… I think I’m in… Plus update

After a lot of deliberating I threw my hat in on Nano Poblano. i’ll be participating with posts alternating among all three blogs. Made the announcement on Scribblings and thought I’d give you a heads up.

Scribblings from the Bluegrass

From the day I started my first blog I’ve had a promise to myself that I’d just post once a week if that’s all I wanted to do.  I’m blogging much more than that these days.   I now have three blogs, so I often wind up posting something somewhere most days.  But I’m reluctant to commit to that daily post thing; I do skip days regularly.

So I didn’t sign on for Nano Poblano until the second day — though it chanced that I’d posted on the first.  I’m kind of a night owl so for me each day extends several hours into what’s technically the next; as I write my day 2 post my computer is telling me it’s already the third.  And that’s how it’s probably going to go.

I’m going to keep it short because I’m yammering.  This is one of those days when there’s nothing…

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