Peace time and challenge for next week

As well as reminding you to set aside some time to Be Peace, a reminder that I’ve issued a challenge for Collective Prayer Sundays:

Between now and midnight on November 9, 2014, for five days (in a row or spaced as you wish):

  • Sit or lie comfortably with a straight back and close your eyes
  • Think of someone with whom you have a challenging relationship or whom you don’t like or whom you consider an enemy
  • Say the lovingkindness chant for that person for 10 minutes
  • Take a few deep, even breaths, each inhalation and exhalation taking the same amount of time (i.e. count 10 on inhale, count 10 on exhale)
  • Begin imagining that you’re inhaling into your heart and exhaling from your heart
  • Place one hand on your heart to focus more energy there; you can put it down when you feel you’ve moved into heart space but keep some attention on staying in heart
  • Ask to see what you can do to create harmony with that person
  • From heart space, what do you understand about this relationship; what does your heart feel about this person?
  • When you feel complete, open your eyes
  • As you move through normal life focus whenever you think of it on heart space and hold the vision of this harmonious relationship
  • Note any shifts you feel toward this person or about this relationship as the five days progress

Watch next week for a reminder about the second part of the challenge; or make your own time table to do both (see here for the whole challenge)


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