Peace, the world and creating reality

Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of...

Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I reached a deeper understanding of what it means to hold a vision and a joyful feeling tone and how that impacts what I create, I’ve been revisiting a dance I’ve done for years around how to deal with world problems, or problems “out there” in the same way.

I know for myself, it never helps to view a situation as a problem that has to be solved.  Problem solving mode tends to happen in a place of fear or anger; you pretty much won’t find someone fueled by the need to fix a problem and reasoning out how to solve it who is in a happy or joyful frame of mind. Those solutions don’t come from the level of the Divine, they come from a frightened or angry mind.

If I hold a vision from a place of happiness and certainty that the Universe knows how to achieve it, I don’t have to reason out an action plan.  The next step and the next reveals itself to me.  When I go inward in meditation and ask what I should do, the advice rarely looks like an action plan my mind would conceive.  Sometimes it’s “wait”.  Sometimes it’s very specific about the next step to take but offers nothing further.  Sometimes it’s to address some personal issue that I wouldn’t have related to the issue.  However it shows up, that advice from a place of connection to my higher self is always different than what my mind deductively reasons out.

In their personal lives, most every spiritual seeker I know or know of follows some form of going inward and seeking the knowledge of higher consciousness or intuition.  Some apply it in all areas of their lives, some in only selective places, but they all “check in” in one way or another for many life decisions.

Often when looking out into the world, though, that checking-in process goes out the window.  Crime, terrorism, environmental destruction… whatever the issue, it’s seen as a problem and on goes the thinking cap to work out a solution.  There’s an us and a them and a wrong and a right, moral outrage, fear and lots of the language of battle in the determined push to institute the plan.  I’ve written in the past about my belief that the energies of hate, anger and divisiveness contribute only to more war and hate and duality.  That version of handling the world has held the same problems in place.

As a sociology graduate student, I learned about cases of renowned sociologists whose theories were imposed on cities or groups or events all over the place.  Until they were proved wrong.  And left more problems behind.  It imbued me with a sense of caution about deciding what’s right for others that has carried ever since.  And I’ve noticed for years how often people decide that something is wrong as to some group or in a city or whatever and they start problem solving without ever consulting those who will be impacted by their decisions.

More recently I’ve added a lot of questions from a spiritual perspective.  I find myself wondering what would happen if we quit seeing the world as riddled with problems.  If you have a thing about crime, for instance, what if you held a vision of people walking everywhere at any time of day and feeling completely safe?

Instead of focusing on the problem of crime, focus on how the world looks without it.  Energy flows to what you focus on, so if you focus on a problem you send energy to perpetuate it.  If you focus on a vision of a world that doesn’t have that problem you send energy toward that vision.

What if people who want to “solve a problem” were to meet, resonate into heart space and meditate together on a vision and how to reach it?  Asked themselves how to bring those who will be impacted into the process?  What do you think their “solutions” would be like?

Try this:

Think of something that you consider a big problem out in the world.  Move yourself into heart energy.  You can do this by imagining that you’re inhaling and exhaling through the heart and/or placing a hand on your heart and/or focusing your attention on heart chakra.  Once you’re feeling that heart space, move into meditation and take yourself deeper while staying in heart.

From that deep heart space ask to see how the world looks without that problem.  Focus deeply on the vision of that crime-free or environmental-damage free or …-free world.  Ask if there are any steps for you to take toward creating that vision.

How does it feel to “problem solve” with heart and spirit instead of from your head?  Are the answers you receive any different than the plans you normally formulate?

How would the world look if we viewed every “problem” from that heart level?  What might happen if we collectively envisioned a world of peace, safety, environmental cleanliness, etc.?


6 thoughts on “Peace, the world and creating reality

  1. I agree so deeply with every word of this Leigh. I’ve long held the view that there’s nothing wrong. There’s only here, only now. There is no “out there”. I’ve long held to the idea that the very best I can do is contribute positive energy. What if we all just started just contributing positive energy?!!!
    This post reminds me of three things
    1. Seth’s teaching – you will never create peace by hating war. You will create peace by loving peace.
    2. Einstein I think – paraphrasing here – you can never solve a problem with the same energy that created it.
    3. My aunt Joan – In my 20’s I asked if she was going to march in some demonstration that was happening (against Apartheid, or the Vietnam war or something like that) and she replied that she would never march *against* anything, only *for* something.

    • Yes, I’ve written before about personal energy as the best thing we can contribute and actually plan to write a new one on that theme so it’s fun that you mentioned it. All those reminders are right on the mark! Smart folks.

  2. Today in Canada, we are a country shaken by acts of terrorism on our soil. Your words bring me hope and peace and yes, move me into that heart place where I can see peace rising all around as arms of war are laid down.

    • So sorry about the news. The eerie thing is I’ve been planning to do this post for days but every time I sat down to do it I felt like it wasn’t the moment. I’d not heard the news yesterday when I suddenly felt I had to put it up. Boy those higher realms sure know how to guide us to right place right time, don’t they? This incident is just the kind of thing that can throw me off center until I take hold–as you did– and breathe into that Divine space where all is well.

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