Lightbulb moment… the feeling of dreams

Christmas Lightbulb

Christmas Lightbulb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I experienced one of those aha moments when light seems to arrive from nowhere.  It’s had me reflecting about those moments and how they arise.

In nearly thirty years on this journey I’ve had many of those moments without exploring them.  In recent years I’ve been noticing that they often have their own time.  If you’re not mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually ready to receive the information you may not notice it or, upon noticing, you may not understand it on a level deep enough to integrate it.

I’ve often read a book and literally did not see one or more messages in it.  Later I might return to the book with a new perspective and note passages my consciousness ignored the first time.  Or receive the same message with different phrasing or a different teaching attached and suddenly get it.

The latest light bulb that flashed on for me regarded dreams and the feeling tone that magnetizes them.  I knew the concept from somewhere close to the beginning of the journey and my mind understood the words from the get go.  I just didn’t really have a place to put the words.  My body and emotions were far too numb to feel very much.  And SO many issues stood between me and my dreams.

This time several sources arrived at once (sadly, I don’t remember what they were) and a post on Brenda’s Blog (she actually had a few posts that mentioned this and I’m having trouble narrowing in on the precise one but this link gets you to one of several that were around the same time) put the light on.  The message talked about following the dreams you love the most.  I started thinking about my dreams and realized that I’ve kind of ignored or back-burnered the ones that have the most pzazz for me.  They’re also the ones I felt I “shouldn’t have”.

When I gave myself permission to want what I want and began envisioning them I noted the excitement and got it for the first time that that is the feeling tone all those teachers talked about.  Once I sat in the feeling and held the visions and accepted that the dreams I love are the ones that are meant for me, I completely understood that the Universe is supporting them.  It’s easy to hold that place of excitement when I KNOW every day that my dreams are in progress.

Again, I’ve spouted words about the Universe and its support and visions and dreams for years.  I just never understood it so deeply and profoundly before.  Never knew how to reach the feeling tone that so many books and teachers described.

I think I had to peel a lot of layers before I arrived at the right space to take in the message.  I’ve seen that a lot with many people over the years.  One message or another just doesn’t sink in until they’ve hit that right moment.  There’s no point in being impatient with yourself or feeling you’ve done it wrong; when the moment is right the right teacher or comment will appear and suddenly it’s clear.

6 thoughts on “Lightbulb moment… the feeling of dreams

  1. Oh Leigh, I am taking it all in…all that you’ve written here which makes perfect sense, thank you! 🙂

    “There’s no point in being impatient with yourself or feeling you’ve done it wrong; when the moment is right the right teacher or comment will appear and suddenly it’s clear.” — Love that! ❤

    Thank you for a powerful and wonderful reminder and validation Leigh!

    Blessed be,
    ❤ ❤ ❤ NadineMarie ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I know exactly what your are saying, and this post prompted me to say to Don that we need to re-explore our dreams to see what excites us now, three years down the road from the original jumping off the cliff. Thanks Leigh. It’s perfect timing.
    The link to Brenda’s blog doesn’t work and I’d love to read her post too.
    Alison ❤

    • Glad it speaks to you.
      I’ve got the link fixed — the first time I did the post, when I hit “save draft” it instead erased the whole thing and I was kind of spacey the second time around…

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