Too Big For Our Boots

This issue is SO familiar to me — and, as always, Alison and Don have such great insight.

Adventures in Wonderland

South America was a key. Things changed during that trip. It was during that journey that we greatly expanded our limits on spending, and started to afford things simply by affording them, simply by saying yes. South America generally was more expensive than India and Southeast Asia and initially that was a bit of a shock, but we came to accept the reality of it fairly quickly. Besides where would we go? We weren’t about to fly back to India because it’s cheaper there. Then various adventure possibilities came to our attention that were significantly more expensive than we normally would have entertained. The two most striking examples were the three-day overland journey throughBolivia, and the eight-day cruise around the GalapagosIslands. We just kind of shrugged and paid what we needed to pay. There was no point in even thinking about the money because we knew…

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