Kundalini and me

Linda, over at Litebeing Chronicles (http://litebeing.com/) has been having some kundalini experiences. To help her out I wound up hunting for this old post from the days when almost no one read this blog. Kundalini is still going for me, so thought I’d put this up again.

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

List of Buddhist Architecture in China Image via Wikipedia

What I know about kundalini comes mainly from my own experience. I unintentionally set it off in 1992 and it has been running more or less ever since. I tried to study about it but I found all the books unbearable to read (somehow it always surprises me how many spiritual teachers like to use 50 words where 10 would do), so I have a bit I picked up from reading, more that I picked up from my teachers at the time and a lot I picked up from having it run my life for five or six years.

There are differing opinions as to the nature of kundalini. Some equate it with vital force energy, which is also called prana – or chi or qi; name varies from culture to culture. More often I’ve seen it referred to as its own force, the spiritual energy that…

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