Shifting and the winds of change: Part 3

English: The mediterranean coast in Villefranc...

English: The mediterranean coast in Villefranche-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes, France). Français : La cote Méditerranéenne à Villefranche-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The unwinding is back in vengeance mode so I’ve not been managing to blog that much.  And the long stretches in between posts are causing the plan for this series to morph.  Each time I sit down to take up the next piece I can’t remember the ideas that were so clear as I finished the last…

I know, you might think I could take notes.  But that would be so unlike me 🙂

My higher self and the universe have been conspiring lately to dangle certain ideas repeatedly under my nose until I pick up the scent and take notice.  The one that’s particularly given me pause–and ripples of excitement–has been a lot of talk about really paying attention to the things and dreams you love and to realize those are the things you’re meant to do.

I love a lot of the things I do spiritually speaking.  From the practices I perform to teaching classes and writing about it to creating a new exercise series fusing Robert Masters Psychophysical Method with yoga, I’m always pleased to be doing things that seem “right” for someone on a spiritual path.

But I have other dreams that I’ve been inclined to label as selfish or not sufficiently spiritual.  I’ve realized that these are the dreams for which my soul really longs.  And one day as I read another post about this and flashed on the dreams I try to ignore, I suddenly embraced them and felt that this purpose I’ve been seeking may have more to do with the somewhat odd assortment of daydreams I love than with my logical effort to have a purpose that’s spiritual enough.

I choose for now to mostly keep those dreams to myself.  But I’ll give one example.  I’ve always loved France.  I was about 10 when a teacher offered a weekly French class on Saturdays at my school and I JUMPED to do it.  Studied at the Sorbonne for a summer in college.  Never became fluent though.

Every trip to France has been deeply satisfying but I’ve longed to speak more fluently.  Did a search on immersion classes and finally found my dream school in Villefranche-sur-Mer.  Not only is it in one of my very favorite areas, but it’s one of very few such schools that caters to people 50 and up instead of college kids.

I have a picture of the school on my vision board.  I love this dream.  But it’s expensive and feels selfish.  I’ve asked my guides in meditation about it and am always told that it’s not selfish, it’s intended and that I will “be a bridge” (whatever that means…).  Until now I haven’t really believed that this dream could be part of my purpose.  But now I do.  And I don’t have to know what it will lead to.  For now I feel I just need to know that this is part of my purpose and that the means to do it and the why will become clear later.

The other dreams have similar stories.  I’ve been gathering them into my heart and accepting them as the real me recently.  It’s hard to describe how great that feels or what it means to me to accept these things I love as being important to my life and purpose.  It feels like taking back a big chunk of myself that I disowned somewhere along the way.

Note: The first two posts are here and here.


10 thoughts on “Shifting and the winds of change: Part 3

  1. You ARE taking back a big chunk of yourself that you disowned. Good for you! I hope you get to live everyone of your dreams. From personal experience I can say that there’s nothing accelerates your spiritual growth and expression of purpose quite so much as living your dreams. Selfish? Where do you think those dreams come from if not from spirit?
    Alison ❤

  2. Wow — that a fabulous dream — and once spoken/written it has wings and breath to fly free! How exciting. I love what Alison said about taking back a big chunk of yourself that you disowned. So powerful — and inspiring for me too!

  3. I agree with your guides. This will connect you to something/one important. Think of “selfish” this way – If it causes harm to others in any sort of way then it is “bad”. If it helps you learn in any way, grow, and expands your world and existence, it is for the benefit of you, and very likely others. ❤

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