Maybe you wanted the other blog?

I’m participating in Susie Lindau’s blog party.  She hosts these periodically and you just put a link to any post you’ve written in her comments and then make sure to read other peoples’ links.

I’ve generally put a link to this blog but this time I chose a post on the Scribblings blog.  And now I’m wandering around reading and commenting on other participants’ posts.  Where I show up as my Not Just Sassy persona.  [the URLs for these are confusing as I switched around my blog identities a while back…]

So, in case you got here because I commented on your post for Susie’s party, my post for the party is over here.  If you’re interested in spirituality, you might like to look around this blog first.

If you haven’t checked out Susie’s blog, she’s lots of fun and she’s also taken us poignantly through her successful passage through breast cancer.  Hop on over the read a few.


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