The Healing Of Pain: Finding the End to Suffering

Another post from Nadine that could be in my Round of Forgiveness project!

Aligning With Truth

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The goal is not to get rid of the pain. The goal is to enter it. Go through the pain. Feel it and feel through the pain. The way out of the pain is to gothrough it.

Pain is part of life. It comes with the human journey. We cannot avoid pain. In fact, it is to our best interest that we do not. When we avoid entering the pain, the deeper the pain becomes.

Experiencing pain is a very normal and natural part of the human journey. When we numb ourselves, when we numb our pain, when we deny ourselves of the experience of pain, when we turn to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, superficial affirmations and positive thinking and other similar New Age/spiritual jargon to avoid our pain, it only leads to dissociation. The various aspects of our selves end up more fragmented.


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2 thoughts on “The Healing Of Pain: Finding the End to Suffering

  1. My Gnostic teacher taught a technique of centering our consciousness in the center of the pain, it was not easy. Like nonthinking, non judging just being in the center of it. I have only done it twice and both times to rather miraculous outcomes. Once was grief, I was crying and sobbing so hard and I had already left LA where my friend Diana had died and where my teacher was, he keep me on the phone and had me sit in the center of this emotion, after which I never cried again for her, the emotional pain was just gone. I even sought it, and it wasn’t there.

    Another time I had very intense pain in my gut, it scared me, (fortunately it wasn’t serious, just trapped gas0 but I centered in it and just breathed, this time I had a visit from other dimensional beings that was fascinating.

    Now I am no fan of pain, I will take every pill I can get my hand on to make it go away but I did have interesting experiences with that technique.

    Sorry it took so long to get here Leigh and I may not get back soon, as I am going to be so entrenched in school. But I will try.

    All my love~

    BTW The forgiveness thing keeps revealing things to be forgiven or cleared. Really interesting.

  2. With physical pain, I’m the same. But the emotional pain she’s talking about I’ve learned to embrace. Never tried the technique you described–which sounds cool–but I just let the emotion in and then let it go. At this point I kind of enjoy hitting those moments of tears or anger because I know it means of touched into something and it’s moving up and out.
    Love your story — thanks so much for sharing. And you just do what you have to with school — I’ll be glad to see when you can come up for air!

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