Forgiveness interrupted

English: Tympanum of Door of Forgiveness, Cath...

Tympanum of Door of Forgiveness, Cathedral of Toledo, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Tuesday night I just felt too tired to even try chanting or doing the ceremony.  I realized–not for the first time–that my tendency is to decide it’s time to accomplish a project like this and to keep relentlessly pushing through no matter how it feels.

Now, it’s possible there’s some kind of resistance to forgiving this person.  But I’ve done a lot of softening and healing about this one in recent years so I don’t think that’s it.

Many times during this journey I’ve kept releasing or shifting without a break when a wiser path might have been to take some time out to absorb what I’d already done.  Eventually something happens that stops me in my tracks and “makes” me chill for a while until my energy catches up with itself.

The first eight days of forgiveness shifted a LOT of material for me.  While it’s hard not to follow through on what I set out to do in the time frame I put on it, right now I feel I need a little break and I’d prefer not to have to catch the flu or sprain an ankle to get the integration time I need.

I plan to return to the work for this person in a day or two and then I’ve decided to do the rest of the list on more like a once a week or two basis.  I like the idea of completing one and resting with it, letting it settle before moving on to another.  I’ll keep posting about it as I move along.

6 thoughts on “Forgiveness interrupted

  1. You bet sister…let it go as you can. Today for me some old grudges I carry came up. I am really not great at forgiving, not great at all. I have issues. lol But they certainly softened when they came up today.

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