Round of Forgiveness Days 10 and 11

Laurie Rohner

Thanks to Laurie Rohner for permission to use her pictures.  Check out more of her lovely art here.

For the first time in a few weeks the muscles around my eyes and deep in my jaw yanked away a good bit of sleep. I tried to do the chanting for the next person on my list (living, so no name) but I find when I’m really exhausted it’s very hard to sustain any kind of focus.  I did chant both times but didn’t feel much impact other than the struggle to stay awake.

I did note that while my issues with this person run very deep I can’t recall that I’ve ever initiated any kind of forgiveness process.  Simultaneously I felt that this is overdue and possibly that I’m not completely ready to do it.

Still, at one point each time I felt a higher self to higher self connection and that on that level there was great appreciation for the chanting.  Now I’m on the fence about whether to continue on to the ceremony tonight or to try chanting again–hopefully with more focus.

On another note, I am saddened to hear that Ajaytao of Ajaytao 2010 has passed away.  I’ll miss seeing all those lovely photos in my reader every day.  RIP Ajay…

One thought on “Round of Forgiveness Days 10 and 11

  1. Yes Leigh Ajaytao was a sweetheart and a great photographer. I am sure he knows that he is missed. I suggest rest before continuing but you know whats right for you. I have been very lucky with my jaw tension the angels, and my reiki besr which sleeps nesr my face at night have really helped. ❤
    Much love sister~

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