Round of Forgiveness Day 9

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“Barnes and his Fellow-Prisoners Seeking Forgiveness”, from an 1887 copy of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs illustrated by Kronheim. Français : « (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow’s post will be from Barbara on Me, My Magnificent Self.  And, if you’ve missed any of the others, check out:  Susan at the Almost Daily Thread, Sindy at Blue Butterflies and Me, Julianne at Through a Peacock’s Eyes, Karen at Our Enchanting Adventure and Nadine at Aligning with Truth.

Last night I made sure that I set up the ceremony and completed it early.  No big revelation or wow except that I decided I want to lay out the circle and chant in it more often.  Felt marvelous at the end — and for once complete on forgiveness and my aunt.

By an hour or two later the unwinding in my head went crazy.  It’s been more and more active as I’ve worked through this process.  Now that has gone up and down for years so I can’t completely assume a correlation.  But a few years ago a practitioner working on my head commented several times that part of the hang-up in there was unresolved stuff between me and a few family members.

I guess I wasn’t ready to resolve it because I heard her but couldn’t figure out what to do to lift it.  At least nothing I tried at the time seemed to make any difference.  I’m sensing now that forgiveness was the missing piece…

Don’t forget it’s Collective Prayer Sunday — hope you’ve found 10 minutes for chanting or praying for peace.

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