Round of Forgiveness Day 8

Hamburg Place in grandparents’ day

Yesterday was one of those tired, head-achy days that leave me wishy-washy so I spent the day indecisive about whether to chant again for my aunt or to perform the forgiveness ceremony.

In a way, indecisiveness won.  It eventually got so late while I tried to finish some other business and make up my mind that I chose to chant because it would take far less time than the ceremony and I wanted to sleep.

The chanting turned out to be lovely.  For part of it I felt my high self communing with her spirit and a sense of sweet connection.  When they turned off life support for her I was the only one who chose to sit with her.  As I softly sang Surely the Presence I felt her spirit leave and for a short time I felt that same sense of communion.

As I’ve noted before, the communion that first time didn’t last.  With help from Nadine’s post I realize that I’ll always remember the bad stuff but now I also remember the connection and I’ll keep moving back to that.  Several practitioners have felt her presence as they worked on me and felt she wanted to help and heal our relationship.  I wasn’t ready to do it then but I feel myself moving into a healing space about her.

Looking forward to sealing it with the forgiveness ceremony tonight.

Note:  the picture connects to my aunt, Mary Jane Gallaher, because she was long-time friends with the original owner’s grandson, Preston, who ran the farm for many years.  Since my grandfather trained, bred, and raced horses through all the years John Madden was involved I imagine they knew one another.

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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