Round of Forgiveness Day 6

Today’s post on forgiveness is from Nadine at Aligning with Truth. The other posts so far were from Susan at the Almost Daily Thread, Sindy at Blue Butterflies and Me, Julianne at Through a Peacock’s Eyes, and Karen at Our Enchanting Adventure.   Barbara, of Me, My Magnificent Self will be posting on the 11th.  Right now Aug. 8-10 and 12-13 are still open if anyone would like to post.

I found myself on the fence yesterday about what to do for day six; another day of chanting or perform the ceremony?  Eventually I decided to try the ceremony.  Since the first part is the lovingkindness chant again I figured I could get that far and see how it felt.  My heart was wide open when the chanting finished so I kept moving.

Having opened the Akashic Records prior to the Clearing Vows and Contracts segment (see ceremony script here), I again asked for some insight.  They responded that I’d probably need to do this again in the future for this person but that I’d cleared “a boatload” and that it was all that could be completed at one time.  My heart felt lighter and far more open.

I love the power of chanting and praying, etc. within the circle.  I keep asking myself why I let so much time go by without doing it…

3 thoughts on “Round of Forgiveness Day 6

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