If I Have Truly Forgiven, Why Am I Still Remembering and Feeling the Pain?

Thoughtful conversation about an aspect of forgiveness I’ve contemplated often. Gave me a lot to consider. Enjoy!

Aligning With Truth

(This post is in collaboration with Leigh Gaitskill, Not Just Sassy On the Inside, who came up with this brilliant idea of inviting bloggers to write about Forgiveness. A huge topic. Something that I am still figuring out myself. And this post is a step towards that.)

* * * * *

chiron (1)Last year, I went through my most pivotal Chiron Return astrological phase.  We experience it when we reach the age of 50, or thereabouts — 49 to 51.  Chiron Return is the time when Chiron, the Wounded Healer, goes back to its original position (house placement) in our astrological natal chart. We wrap up the issues related to our core wound and determine how healing from the wound can help others.

The energies of this phase were so potent that there seemed to be no escaping, albeit unintentionally, revisiting my core wounds in…

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