A Round of Forgiveness Day 2


Forgiveness (Photo credit: Celestine Chua)

Today’s post-er on forgiveness (Aug. 3) is Sindy from Blue Butterflies and Me— be sure to check it out.  And if you missed Susan’s post, you can read it here.

For nearly two weeks I’ve been sleeping and sleeping.  Still haven’t caught up with all the sleep deprivation but feeling SO much more alive.  Been working on getting back to more regular practices–exercise, meditation, key breaths, etc.  Part of that has been getting back to yoga nidra practice.

After missing a couple of days I decided that I’d open my forgiveness session tonight with the long yoga nidra.  What a space from which to launch the lovingkindness chant!  Maybe 3/4 of the way through the chanting I actually felt an almost physical shift in my heart.

The unwinding head stuff has been going pretty crazy lately (amazing that I’ve been sleeping) but nothing compared to how it’s been going since a couple of hours after I did the first round of chanting last night.

I feel that the ancestor and I are already in better harmony.  I”m really looking forward to performing my ceremony for her!

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