Thoughts on Forgiveness Day 1

"Forgiveness 7" by Carlos Latuff.

“Forgiveness 7” by Carlos Latuff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, the forgiveness post for today (Aug. 2) is on Susan’s blog, The Almost Daily Thread.  Be sure to check it out!

This whole forgiveness thing started when Julianne at Through the Peacock’s Eyes got a download of insights while reading one of my posts.  She felt I needed to forgive the ancestor who put a curse on my whole maternal lineage.

Once I started thinking about forgiveness I felt that there were more people with whom I have unresolved issues and decided to do this two week Round of Forgiveness.  Initially I thought I’d finish with that ancestor witch but ultimately I decided that since she’s the main reason for this process I should start with her.

I started today with a version of Mornah’s/Ho’oponpono Prayer that I love:

Divine Creator, Mother, Father, Son as One, I, _____ (your name), wish to do ho’oponopono between myself and ____ (fill in the person you wish to forgive or with whom you wish to cut cords of negative energy).  Cleanse, sever, cut, release and transmute to the path of pure light.  HA!  MAHIKI!  We are set free and it is done.

I want to cut “aka” cords –cords of energy that bind people– before I do each forgiveness ceremony so that I’m clear of underlying issues.  I’ve found forgiveness doesn’t stick if there are still unresolved issues.  This prayer is generally associated with forgiveness, so I feel it fits very well.

Then I chanted the lovingkindness chant for her for half an hour.  As always I could feel my heart begin to soften.  I want that softening before I do the ceremony so that I can take the forgiveness deeper.  I feel that when I still hold a hard place in my heart, forgiveness can’t get all the way in.

My plan right now is to repeat the same exercises tomorrow and to do my ceremony on Sunday but I’m leaving the timing loose so I can see whether I feel ready to move to completion with the ceremony or if I need to do more cutting cords and softening.

Dates that are still open for forgiveness posts:  Aug.  4, and 7-13.  See original post for info.

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