Kicking off forgiveness

Tomorrow (at this point technically later today…) I’ll be starting my two weeks of forgiveness so I’ve been working on my ceremony.   Looking forward to getting started.

There are quite a few dates left open if anyone wants to write a post about forgiveness on their blog and add this link somewhere in it:  The dates that are taken so far:  Aug. 1, 2, 5, 6, and 14 so the open dates are 3, 4, and 7-13.  If you want to follow along in practicing forgiveness with me, you can post about the experience somewhere along the way.  If you have a past experience regarding forgiveness you can write about that.

In case anyone would like to try out my plan for forgiveness, I thought I’d post  the ceremony script.  My plan is to say the lovingkindness chant and a version of Mornah’s prayer for each person/group for 2-3 days and then do the ceremony specifically for that person on the third or fourth day.


Forgiveness Ceremony


Lovingkindness Chant (first for me, then for the one to be forgiven)

Om gum ganapatayei namaha

Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya


Spell to Close Mind Against Outside Influences:

In this place and in this hour

By the guardians of the secrets of the night

Take the keys to my heart

And lock the doors of my mind.


Golden Mist Shield Spell 

The breath of life

And the light of my mind

Creates an enchantment

Of protection and comfort

As the air I breathe is purified

I surround myself with an orb of gold

This golden haze

Is constantly purified

And separated from any negativity

May my space be protected


Forgiveness Spell


Anger and hurt, stress and strife

Stretch between us and hurt our lives.

In this day and in this hour

I cut those cords and end their power

As I forgive ____, I release all these

For the universe to transmute on the breeze

Now there’s only love between you and me

And I am filled with joy and empathy

I ask it, I beseech it, and so it is.

So mode it be.


Open the Akashic Records and ask the record keepers to assist:


Clearing Vows and Contracts

#1 Disavow any promises, contracts, vows, oaths, spells, pacts, bindings, or agreements that I have ever made that are conflicting with my highest good, including vows that are adversely affecting me presently or will not serve my highest good in the future and in all concepts of time on all dimensions, in this life or any other life. Please assist me in disavowing these vows and agreements so they are no longer a restricting device on me. I ask that all restrictions be lifted and eliminated so that I can expand and align with my higher path and purpose.

#2 Sever and make null and void at root cause any promises, contracts, vows, oaths, spells, pacts, bindings, or agreements between me and all entities causing interference. These include all that may be secret, hidden, invisible, covert, unseen, unheard, unknown, unacknowledged, and undisclosed. Remove all operating systems and instructions, including backup systems and copies. Retain all learning experiences free of trauma. Conduct a full binding on all negative entities.

#3 Sever all vows and contracts that I have made, either knowingly or unknowingly, that have interfered with Universal love, light, and truth for any planetary system. Include contracts that are perceived to be irrevocable. Release me from all judgments, pain, and guilt associated with creating or participating in these agreements, transmuting the discord to love before releasing it.

Blessings to all and so let it be!


If you followed along on my venture with breaking an ancestor’s hold last fall you’ll recognize the first part of this ceremony and the last.  I really liked the opening I created for setting the space, building my energy, etc.  and I really like the “Clearing Vows and Contracts” piece, suggested by Sindy at Blue Butterflies and Me.


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