My secret life; remember to chant for peace

wizard book cover


It all started when my cousin’s twins got me to sign up for Disney’s Pixie Hollow.  I really enjoyed it.  The twins grew out of it while their mom and I kept playing…  Late last summer Disney shut it down.  I missed it.  Kept running searches to find similar sites and finding disappointment instead.  I looked at Wizard 101 a few times before I tried it.  Once I tried I became intrigued.

I’d never played a complex computer game like that before and much of it seemed mysterious.  I was especially surprised at how much the game’s help files didn’t tell me.  I did lots of research and found posts on the site’s wiki and various blogs that helped but it seemed odd to have to gather information from all over the place.

One of the things I’m good at is putting together complex information and finding a way to explain the basics. I felt like there was a need for a guide to the game and that I should write it.  I also noticed that a LOT of the advice came from very high level players who’d obviously forgotten the parameters of the game at the lower levels.  My guide is specifically for players level 40 and below.

Yes, I’ve been missing in action a lot because of lack of sleep and headaches, but I’ve also been missing in action because I’ve been figuring out this game and playing it and researching and writing about it.  Started a blog about it too — Wizard101 Basics for Non-Gamers.  And I’ve actually had a lot of fun.

It’s finally finished and just uploaded to Kindle. It’s available here.  So there it is, my secret life.  Now I’m gonna get back to writing the rest of Relating Heart to Heart — and I’ll still be playing the game…

Don’t forget it’s time to chant or pray for peace!  See the Collective Prayer Sunday page for more info.

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