Bliss is but a breath away

One after another today i keep running into e-mails and blog posts that are germane to current stuff. This could be me she’s describing…

Dare Boldly

Definition of BLISS

:  complete happiness


Mixed media on watercolour paper Louise Gallagher 2014 Mixed media on watercolour paper
Louise Gallagher 2014
I have spent a lifetime attempting to pummel my world into shape. To beat into submission errant thoughts that would keep me from attaining everything I wanted in life. I have pushed and shoved and moved and huffed and puffed and railed and screamed and cried and yearned and done pretty well everything to get what I wanted.

And in my brute force attack of having the life I wanted, I lost the very thing I was searching for. Inner peace. Contentment. Bliss.

And no matter the gyrations of my being here, the universe kept turning. The world kept spinning.

The universe doesn’t care. It is.

The universe is everything and all. It resonates at the highest frequency, eternal. Ever-lasting.

It’s me, the mortal, the constantly searching, continually…

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