Are Soul & Spirit different?

Spiritual Clarity


Are Soul and Spirit different?  Yes, in duality they are, but in oneness they are not.

This is my morning contemplation.

I have been trying to forgive myself for creating some recent suffering.  This is what created the suffering… I took something personal,  I tried to change something outside of myself,  and I judged.

I listen a lot to others because I am not usually in a state of trying to figure things out. I usually just am without much of an agenda other than to be present. I am in a state of surrender. I listen because I have compassion. But truly if we are not trying to figure things out would there be that much to talk about. If we do not talk about the past, about others or about what we are trying to achieve in the future…..what’s left to talk about? If we were fully present we…

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5 thoughts on “Are Soul & Spirit different?

  1. Ahh Leigh. Know that place well. For me, the question is always, was my intention to create harm or harmony? And then, recognizing that my intention is always to create harmony, to forgive myself for the harm I unintentionally created — and the best way I know to smooth out the ripples of discord, is to create anew. When i stand in unforgiveness, I am continuing the discord I never intended to create! 🙂

    Hugs my friend. I experience you as fully present in your inquiry and your process.

    • Good advice. I like that idea of always moving to forgiveness. Makes me think of Mornah’s Prayer, which I haven’t been using lately.
      I have a feeling I write mostly when I feel present and focused — in between, not so much…

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