Our Bodies, Our World (PS Chant for Peace time!)

Lately as I’ve struggled with the healing journey I’ve been thinking a lot about the world and the environment and how I think the physical and emotional health of each of us has an impact on the world.  Particularly as I’ve read about environmental issues and earth changes it has felt to me that the earth is undergoing a process much like the opening and shifting I experience every day.

The world and all her people, plants and animals are one.  One interconnected web of life. I look around at the stiff bodies everywhere, I feel the buried angst surrounding me.  How can the earth be healthy when we aren’t?  At the same time, more people are healing and the earth is shifting and changing with us.

In my movement classes I see so many blank looks when I try to explain that life feels better when the body is open and flowing.  When I try to tell people that I think the most important job each of us can do is to heal many look at me like I’m daft.  Heal emotionally  Heal physically.  Heal the world.  Oneness means that the state of being and the energy of each of us is contributing to the state of the whole.  I see a correlation between the current state of the world and the health of its population.  When enough people heal, I believe the earth will heal.

It;s hard work.  I watch people bump up against places that don’t want to let go and they start making the movements smaller or quit coming to class.  They don’t want to go there.  I get it.  Looking in all those dark corners isn’t fun — though the relief after something is released is heavenly.  Lots of the patterns involving tight muscles relate to buried memories, emotions and issues.  Healing yourself is a big job.  Healing the world is a big job. But the thing is, you don’t have to take responsibility for changing the government or healing the planet or stopping crime.  The only place where you have complete responsibility and control is over yourself.  Heal yourself.  Heal the world.  I’m trying to figure out how to say it so it makes sense to people.

Restore your body to flowing and with the healing and release, be the change in the world.


Don’t forget about Collective Prayer Sunday.  I’ve been working on the challenge I offered to chant for Rara’s accusers.  As always, the chant is softening my heart and my feelings around the case.  I’m a little behind on blog stuff so if there’s been any outward change, I don’t know.  But as my heart softens I know that the only space I want to hold around this is the one that has love for everyone involved.

7 thoughts on “Our Bodies, Our World (PS Chant for Peace time!)

  1. Great post Leigh! I too believe that the world can be healed by finding peace within ourselves.
    I have also found that people don’t want to be told they need healing! So instead I offer them a place to tune out their everyday busyness, refresh themselves and connect inwards.
    We both know that this is healing … but they feel better and that’s enough.
    In joyful non attachment 🙂
    Val x

    • Thanks.
      Yes, I generally try to teach the things that will help without too much explanation. And I know I can’t tell people what they need to do — but I get a little frustrated sometimes because I see the connection so clearly and part of me doesn’t get why so many people want to avoid it. Thanks for the reminder that I should detach from that.

  2. Well I just about could have written this myself (except the part about holding movement classes). I have long lived my life from this POV. The only thing I can truly change/heal is myself and trust that my healthy energy adds to the healthy energy of the world. Once again I see how very similar our paths, and our way of perceiving and being in the world are so very similar. ❤
    Hugs to you Leigh

    • Except that I don’t have an adventurous travel bone in my body, I feel like we’re sisters on the path.
      Your new location has Vancouver on my mind. Amazing how vividly I can recall that area I so love even though I’ve not seen it for years. Love to have these memories of the park and the water, etc. rolling through my mind…

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