Managing Manna: part two

Rush hour on US Route 101 through Millbrae, Ca...

Rush hour on US Route 101 through Millbrae, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Serge King likes to tell stories.  The second important thing I learned about manna arrived with a story that I’ve never forgotten.  His wife, he told us, doesn’t like to drive in slow, congested traffic conditions like rush hour.  She could spend hours a day for years building a level of manna that would be enough to overcome the powerful beliefs of hundreds of thousands of other drivers about what happens at rush hour.  She could do that and hope to build enough energy to some day be able to create a clear flow for her car to move swiftly through the city at rush hour.  Instead, she doesn’t drive at rush hour.

Just because the “thoughts create reality” theory implies that you can use your thoughts to do anything doesn’t mean that it should always be your choice to focus your energy on changing/shifting/magnetizing something.  Realistically even if you do practice to build manna, you still have a given level and vibrational tone.  It’s unlikely that you’re going to build a level of energy that will let you stop hurricanes, alter the flow of traffic, magnetize the lottery, release old beliefs, attract a better relationship and change careers to be successful at another.

Sometimes you have to choose which things in life are worth focusing your energy on and which have some other solution or can be left alone.

I find a great relief at times in realizing that I have to stick within the limits of my energy.  Sometimes when I mention a thought pattern that’s clearly negative or mildly detrimental in some way, someone will imply that I should be using affirmations or will or something to shift it.  Like most people, though, my life is filled with thought patterns from my past, from ancestral threads, from past lives.  I don’t have the energy to change every pattern at once.  I tell them I’m working on as many issues as I feel I can handle and that one just isn’t high enough on the priority list for me to focus energy and attention on it now.

On bigger things it’s easier for me to see.  I like moderately warm, sunny days with low humidity.  In California that weather predominated.  Here in Kentucky, not so much; in fact kind of rare.  Now I could practice chi gung a few hours a day to build manna/chi to the immense level I’d need to impact the weather patterns here.  But I live with the weather that’s here.  I don’t have to give it much thought to know that I’m not going to spend years working that hard just to have different weather.  If it meant that much to me, I could move back to California.

Not only do you need to have a level of manna that is at least as high as the level of what you’re trying to shift or change, but you also have to make choices about what you want to use your manna for.

Another example from Serge helped to illustrate that:  if you are making $500 a month and you decide you want to magnetize a $50 million lottery, you might spend your lifetime to do it.  The gap between the energy you’re holding that draws only $500 and the giant lottery is so immense it’s unlikely to happen.  But if you’re making $500 and you start affirming that you now make $1000, that’s a small build that is believable to your consciousness and in line with the amount of manna you have.  Then when you get the $1000 if you focus on $2000, this step by step process is likely to work.  Substitute whatever element of life you want instead of money and the step by step process is similar.

When I realized that my low energy had a big impact I could see that building my energy and restoring my health were the necessary first steps for me to build to the career and life I see for myself.

Do you consciously choose where to focus your energy?

See last post for part one.

3 thoughts on “Managing Manna: part two

  1. Your first paragraph made me smile! So true.

    Love this thought process Leigh.

    And yes, I do — as much as I consciously can, focus my attention. Reading your two posts however, I am realizing that what I’m not doing is focussing on where my energy flows and what it attracts. Hmmm…. need to get conscious about this.

    • Ooh, when you’ve mused and noted the ebb and flow I hope you write a post about it!
      And I chuckle over his story in the first paragraph too. Kind of brilliant really- we’re sitting there waiting for the master to tell us something magic that happened with the use of powerful manna and he gives us an answer that brings it so down to earth — and makes the point so clear.

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