Shedding neurotic me part three–worried I’m just gonna do writing 101 #4 forever???

I’m still writing this little series for writing 101 over on the other blog. All of them could have been here…

Scribblings from the Bluegrass

Shedding the Past Shedding the Past (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next big leap arrived in the early 90’s.  The Universe led me along a surprising path (in the sense that I’m surprised I went down it…) that led to seeing myself in a new light.

I’d moved to my family’s home base, Lexington, KY.  Though I never lived there, I’d visited all my life and my family’s roots in this area are deep — on my father’s side it stretches back to the 1790’s.  Things have changed a lot since I first moved here, but at that time, fresh from Marin County, CA, I experienced that fish-out-of-water feeling on a daily basis.  Since church is a big deal here, I started trying out churches.

It didn’t take long to realize I’m just not really a church service person.  As far as some deep spiritual sense I got more from the hour of silent…

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