Sacred Space in the Text

Love this idea! And I’m not really a texting person. I’m gonna find a partner or three…

The BeZine

Sacred space in the text? There are one zillion texts that people can find sacred space in, so what do I mean? It’s not that text. The text I mean is your phone. Texting. Find sacred space in your phone via texting.


By stopping right now! Noticing where you are and what you are doing, and texting it to an accountability partner.

Stop! State what process you are beginning.

Drop! Notice what are you feeling? Drop down into your heart. Now, what is your intention?

Text! Send it to an accountability partner.

That creates a moment of sacred space, each and every day. If you program it into your calendar to “Stop, Notice, and Text”, you will be able to become present to the situation at hand, state your feelings honestly, and move on into the next movement with grace and transparency. This is sacred.

Do you have someone you can be…

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