On the other blog…


I signed up for the writing 101 class that WordPress is conducting this month.  I decided to do it on the Scribblings blog mainly because the assignments for this kind of general writing class are often not conducive to writing a spiritual journey post.  There’s an assignment every day and I’m already behind.

You know I rarely post every day — even rotating among my blogs I often skip days.  So this one is being a little neglected.

I had a big struggle with one of the assignment posts — tried to set it up for future and when it didn’t publish at the time I set I kept going back in.  Somehow the calendar thing kept changing what I set.  Eventually it posted it as a past post and I couldn’t make it move.  So I deleted it.  By then I was so frustrated I accidentally posted it here instead.  When I realized, I took it down and pasted it over there.  Anyway, I know a few people clicked like and commented in the time it was up here and I’m sorry I erased you.

And yes, I felt like her (in the picture).


4 thoughts on “On the other blog…

  1. Well I’m going to ‘like’ this post anyway even though I missed the post you’re talking about because your comment about the picture made me laugh 🙂
    Taking on a post a day is a lot!

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