Rara’s Story: Struggling to find peace with it…

Okay.  I’m all about peace.  Or I try to be all about peace.  Or I hope I can get to Being Peace.  But this situation with Rara is making me mad.  And reintroducing me to the buried lawyer in me and the vengeful me.  I’m reminding myself of my great capability to create a diabolical plan of vengeance. Oops.  Is she still there?  Fortunately even before I “became spiritual” I pretty much always realized I didn’t want to be that person so they all stayed in the planning phase.  [Sometimes that planning is so satisfying, isn’t it?]

Rara told her own story in a post titled I Am Not a Felon.  The short version is that her former employers falsely accused her of stealing money from their business.  Because they are white and prominent and she is brown and not, they got a case opened and pursued by the local DA without it ever being investigated by the police. These people also had the client list for the business she started when she left; they contacted them and accused her and she lost her business.  Because it was an open case she and her husband had to pay lawyers and wound up selling everything they owned to pay the costs.  After several years of this hanging over her head — during which time apparently no warrant to search bank accounts or any other relevant financial paths was ever served and no investigation that involved asking her a question ever occurred — she is now in jail, awaiting trial and I gather she is at the end of her rope and about to enter a plea agreement.  (The lawyer in me is making some legal guesses based on the non-lawyer versions of the story I’ve read).

Rara wrote a couple of eloquent pieces about what’s currently going on on her always  lovely blog, Rarasaur.com and you can read them here and here.  Right now she needs bail and she and her husband need some help to keep their home and cats, etc. while she’s unable to work.  They’ve set up a donation page through Paypal — if you click on either of the links at the beginning of this paragraph you can see the “donate” button on the right.

Right now I’m angry.  This is the kind of injustice that disgusted me in the legal world.  I want to gather a fund to hire a PI not only to find out who really did it but to investigate the authors of her misery.  I want the IRS after them.  I want them charged with a hate crime. I want them sued for tortious* interference with a business.  I want them to suffer and wriggle and worry about the apparent impending destruction of life as they know it.   I don’t particularly want to actually destroy them but I’m uncomfortably aware of how great I think I’d feel if they suffer and at some moments the destruction part sounds pretty good too.

Really, though, I mostly don’t want Rara and Dave to suffer.  So please help them.  The info on how to send a note to Rara is here.  And now apparently I need to say the lovingkindness chant a few thousand times…

*  Really WordPress, you don’t have tortious in your dictionary?  And now I see,  not WordPress either…

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4 thoughts on “Rara’s Story: Struggling to find peace with it…

  1. Hi Leigh! Not sure if you came to mine or I found you another way – either way, I am delighted! Another spiritual soul trying so hard not to give in to how to balance the scales of justice our way! And yet… boy, do I get it! Here’s the great news – and I apologize if you’re up to date on this: bloggers have come together and established the Queen’s Guard in an effort to raise awareness and money on behalf of Rara & Grayson. You can find their effort here and it is well done!:


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