Ancestors, forgiveness and letting go

Part of my peaceful Sunday was watching two programs on Oprah.  On Super Soul Sunday she had Adyashanti and a little later there was an episode of her current series with Eckhart Tolle.  I haven’t been following the latter but when I saw this one was about dealing with emotional issues I recorded it.

In that way the Universe has of offering synchronicity, Adyashanti talked quite a bit about ancestral patterns and Eckhart Tolle brought up the relationship between emotional pain and family patterns/issues.  Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that I’ve been intensely interested for quite a while now in the role of ancestral patterns in defining our “now” so I was so grateful to get to see these.

Adyashanti particularly made the point that forgiveness is key to letting go.  It reminded me of the Fisher-Hoffman work, in which the finishing piece involves reaching out to the childhood selves of those you have been processing and finding peace and forgiveness by learning about their wounds and their perspective.  I have to admit that while I believe in the power and necessity of forgiveness, I often skirt that piece or do it cursorily.

Something about getting similar messages twice in the same afternoon brought home to me that some forgiveness work would be a good idea.  I’ve been a little angry with those ancestors whose legacies have been the source of deep issues for me.  Time for a little gratitude and forgiveness.

18 thoughts on “Ancestors, forgiveness and letting go

  1. Time for me too – one key person particularly. I’ve been holding on too too long to the whole blame position when in truth it was both of us. This person was doing the best they could. Sad really the pain that’s caused by being passed down through the generations.
    Thanks for the reminder ❤

  2. Hi its good to know you have sat-sang meetings! I am rather fortunate in not inheriting negative legacies. Yes forgiveness and with Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom of being in the present moment will surely help.
    Regards and cheers!

  3. It’s interesting, a friend said the other day, forgiveness always comes before Love. Hmmm…. my sense is that Love is all — and the path to forgiveness is only through Love.

    Neal Donald Walsh has a wonderful little video clip on Forgiveness — I found it particularly reassuring as it speaks to the pure nature of soul and how forgiveness can be completely unnecessary as soul soul can never be wounded, harmed or diminished.

  4. Letting go is such a challenge, because sometimes we cling to things especially painful ones so desperately that the pain becomes our essence and we forget what we are without it.


  5. Leigh, I believe forgiveness is a key to opening our hearts to others and ourselves. Not just those we care about or need to forgive, but to the whole of humanity. When we forgive we empower ourselves. Val x

  6. i’ve been working on this too. understanding that i don’t consciously know what i am carrying, but i am carrying it – and knowing that i came in with the intention to clear and heal as much as i could, for myself and my lineage. in these challenging times i try to practice compassion with myself. because on this 3D level i don’t reallyl ‘know’ what i’m clearing, but i can feel it – and i am trusting that. lots of love to you! aleya

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