Brrr…again… Cycling up and down

Last Thursday I attended a lovely spring equinox gathering at which we sat outside around a fire.  It was a little too cold for my comfort but it was bearable enough to be out for over an hour and lovely to be out for a change.  Today I can hardly see across the street because it is snowing so hard. In Michigan and Chicago that was not so unusual but here in Kentucky I don’t expect it and especially not in late March when we usually are looking at the early spring blooming things.

I’ve watched my mood go up and down a bit as we’ve lurched back and forth between 70 and 40 and spring-like and wintry.  While I’m also aware that I can choose to hold a calm space that isn’t affected by the weather, I’ve let the moods ebb and flow.  Seems to me life is kind of like that.  I don’t mind a little ebbing and flowing.  Sometimes equanimity feels a little dull to me.  Still, I’m grateful that all the years and all the practices mean I can enjoy watching some ebb and flow without letting it take me over.

But right now, waaahhh!  Freaking snow…


5 thoughts on “Brrr…again… Cycling up and down

  1. Love your last line — and the ebb and flow of which you speak. Such grace in that space. thanks for the inspiration.

    And yup. It snowed here last week. Cold again after a week of lovely warmth.

    Freaking snow! 🙂

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