Three years–wowie zowie

By Tayunea on Wikimedia

Since I’m still not back in the world all the way I’m a little behind on things.  So it slipped by me the other day when WordPress told me I’ve been blogging for three years.  Doesn’t seem possible.

I’m ever more grateful for this lovely community and the fact that I’m always meeting new wonderful people.  I love the connection with all of you but I want to give a special shout to those who’ve been part of my blogging journey since somewhere near the beginning.  It’s amazing to me that we’ve been in one another’s lives for three years.  Whether you’re a new friend or a long-time blogging buddy, I’m so grateful we found one another here!  I’m so thankful for the many lessons and insights I’ve received from all your thoughtful, heart-felt posts.  Thanks everybody!

Yoga tip:  Lots of yoga postures for abs involve lying on your back on the floor and raising your head or head and shoulders.   Lots of students complain that it hurts their necks.  As with so many things, form makes all the difference.  Most of us don’t really use our necks properly.  It’s easy to use your shoulders to do some of the neck’s job and in these postures I find most people tend to both hunch their shoulders slightly forward and lift their shoulders up toward their ears and then tighten them.  That position is all wrong for your neck and the wrong position is quite painful.  Make sure your shoulders are back slightly and pulled down from your ears.   Since the neck muscles are often underused and/or overly taut, the muscles that are supposed to hold your head in this position will probably be sore at first, so some pain may still be present but it should feel different when you’re just pushing some muscles beyond what they’re used to rather than scrunching your neck unnaturally.  If you’re holding an abs move with your head up for a while keep checking your form to make sure your shoulders are staying in proper position–down and back.

11 thoughts on “Three years–wowie zowie

      • We went into the Amazon jungle for 9 days – it was amazing. I still haven’t seen any of the Olympic skating except the first couple of days of the team event. But we return to Vancouver in a week and a friend has recorded it all for me so I have many delicious hours ahead of me watching it all.

  1. Woo hoo! congrats on 3 years. I am just coming up to….. 8 years! not all on wordpress — 2+ on WP. The rest on Blogger — amazing to me. Almost every day for 8 years. Zowzers! 🙂 and like you, the best part is meeting so many incredible people — women in particular, like you, who are living life on the far side of their comfort zones, being vulnerable and shining a light for all to see the beauty of the path. thank you Leigh. So grateful to ‘know’ you.

    • Thanks so much! Eight years is so impressive — and that you post daily. I’ve never come close to that and I’m in awe of those of you who manage to do it.
      I’m not always good at remembering how I found people but i’m pretty sure it was Liz at who guided me to you and I’m so grateful!

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